Enduro Training Warching

“Practice makes perfect”: We offer our enduro training courses for all performance levels. Driving, testing, driving and practicing driving situations, this is best done with experienced instructors, and on loose ground with an Enduro! In doing so, prejudices – “I never learn it” – and also anxieties and fears – “Then I fall over definitely” – are removed to in no time at all.

The secret is simply to give yourself time and to learn from your own mistakes, which everyone does. In our training course, we start with warm-up and balancing exercises and increase according to the level of the group. It does not matter whether you already have Enduro experience or have your first meters off the asphalt. The same applies to your whees: Whether you are looking for a fun-filled super-lightweight enduro or a big adventure bike, you will find the appropriate exercise group. During the training course, we will have enough time to recognize your personal strengths and weaknesses, and to vary the exercise program accordingly. At the beginning of the course, you will be divided according to the self-assessment of a group, which usually consists of a maximum of ten participants. If you feel subdued or overstrained during the course of the training, there is of course the possibility to switch to another group.


Welcoming the participants, introduction of the instructors, explanation of the training course, grouping, training session I, lunch break, training session II, final meeting, farewell to the participants.


1. Basics of enduro riding
1.1. Clothing: Helmet, gloves, boots, etc.
1.2. Security: Appropiate behaviour on the terrain
1.3. Adjustment of the motorcycle: Handlebars, levers, air pressure, dampers, etc.

2. Warm up
2.1. Driving the motorcycle in 1st gear: left and right, uphill and downhill
2.2. Standing riding: correct posture
2.3. Gymnastics on the motorcycle

3. Basic maneuvers
3.1. Slalom: sitting and standing
3.2. Handling turns: Driving while steering stop is reached
3.3. Driving slowly: possibly „Stop and Go“, based on your driving skills
3.4. Braking excercises: Blocking rear wheel / front wheel etc.
3.5. Acceleration: Spinning of the rear wheel

4. Driving excercises
4.1. Driving over obstacles
4.1.1. Simple obstacles: Euro pallet, small tree trunk
4.1.2. Obstacles in series: „Washboard effect“
4.1.3. Larger obstacles: individually arranges or according to local conditions
4.2. Ascending slopes
4.2.1. Controlled starting on hill and entering the slope
4.2.2. Einschätzen und Befahren der Steigungsstrecke
4.2.3. Recovery of the motorcycle from the slope / rolling backwards in the slope
4.2.4. Controlled stopping at the end of the ramp
4.2.5. Starting in a slope
4.3. Driving downhill slopes
4.3.1. Enter into a slope
4.3.2. Driving technique in the downhill section
4.3.3. Braking and stopping in the slope
4.4. Driving on slanting slopes

5. Cornering technique
5.1. Curve lines: pressing, laying, hanging-off
5.2. Viewing direction
5.3. Anlieger: Leg position
5.4. Starting with braking phase
5.5. Change of direction
5.6. Driving downhill with accelaration
5.7. Drifting

6. Jumps
6.1. Cushion jumps
6.2. Jumps while seated
6.3. Landing
6.4. Multiple jumps / Table
6.5. Drops
6.6. Corrections during the jump

7. Driving the course
7.1. Combine basic driving exercises
7.2. Compilation of a course to improve / deepen the learned driving techniques
7.3. Driving circuits

The weighting of the individual driving exercises changes in situ according to driving conditions and physical condition of the participants during the training program.

 – Subject to alterations –


Enduro specific prepared moto-cross track in Warching near Donauwörth, about 50 kilometers north of Augsburg. A description of how to get there will be sent to you with the booking confirmation. The way to Warching is very well signposted. Just in case: 48° 50′ 29.2″ N, 10° 55′ 15.7″ E


9 to 12 and 13 to 17 o’clock


Complete Enduro protective clothing. We recommend Enduro boots, pants and jackets with elbow or chest armor, knee protectors made of hard plastic, Enduro helmet, shatter-proof glasses.


We will have plenty of free drinks available for you throughout the day. Please provide your own solid food, although there is also the option of using a pizza delivery service.


Enduro training and training sessions in various performance groups on special cross-country tracks, camping facilities, shower and washing facilities, toilets, service vehicles, technical support.


Gasoline, beverages, lunch.


Unfortunately no events in 2023 planned

COSTS 2021

One-day Enduro Training: € 139

Rental bike Yamaha WR 250 R: € 95

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