Enduro Weekend Warching

Off-road in Germany? Actually today hardly any more possible.Prohibition signs everywhere force us into illegality or going abroad to pursue our hobby. Or we are going to the crossroads. But there you are often overstrained as an endurist, because the hills are too high, the holes are too deep and too many crossers are on the track. In order you can jaunty spur your steelhorse, we have rented the natural track in Warching twice a year exclusively. It lies on the edge of the Altmühltal valley, offers natural obstacles and has an almost enduro character. Divided into three groups per hour, the whole weekend is already rocking big time. And not only the sports oriented among us, but also the two-cylinders and beginners will have a real good time. We also prepared a children’s course for the offspring.


Warching near Donauwörth, about 50 kilometers north of Augsburg. A description of how to get there will be sent to you with the booking confirmation. The way to Warching is very well signposted. Just in case: 48° 50′ 29.2″ N, 10° 55′ 15.7″ E


Free driving on the Warching Moto Cross route in a 20-minutes shifts. Divided into three groups.

Group 1        Beginner, two-cylinder and other road enduros

Group 2        Advanced bikers with off-road experience

Group 3        Experts and sporting motorcyclists


Saturday, 10 to 13 and 14 to 17 o’clock
Sonntag, 10 to 13 and 14 to 16 o’clock

– Subject to alterations –


If it is “Enduro weekend” on the outside, it should be “Enduro weekend” in the inside too. This means that you need an approved Enduro. Moto Cross machines, quads and motorcycle combinations unfortunately can not participate. Your motorcycle should be in perfect technical condition, in your own interest. Please no trimmed noisy bikes or extremely loud exhaust systems!


Complete Enduro protective clothing. We recommend Enduro boots, pants and jackets with elbow or chest armor, knee protectors made of hard plastic, Enduro helmet, shatter-proof glasses.


Together with the MV Warching, we would like to make your stay as pleasant as possible:

  • Already in the evening prior to the event it can be camped at the area.
  • Showers and toilets are in the clubhouse at the area
  • From Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon, reasonably priced catering is provided – ATTENTION see point “CUISINE”
  • Emergency services and medical services are on-site


    Without any off-road experience, you should not dare to ride on the track. Although we offer a short basic training on Saturday morning, this can not replace a lack of terrain experience, but only make the “rusty” something more mobile. If you can cope on gravel roads with a two-cylinder, the track is probably an easy exercise.


There is space for camping on the green areas along the route, but please note that there is no electricity. Toilets and showers are, of course, available. For those of us who don’t think much of tents and campfire romance, we will enclose a list of accommodation options in the area with the registration confirmation.


Due to hygiene regulations, it is not yet possible to make a reliable statement regarding the culinary supply on site. So for the time being, we will have to do without the well-known and well-appreciated catering by the previous master chefs and cater for ourselves.


Special cross-country track, campground for free, shower and washing facilities, toilets, service vehicles, track marshals, supervisory staff, ambulance on site, technical support.


Unfortunately no events in 2023 planned

COSTS 2021

Enduro weekend (2 riding days): € 70
It is not possible to rent a motorcycle!


If the participation fee is not credited to our account on the day of the event, or if the registration / payment takes place on the spot, we reserve the right to make a surcharge (“Abendkassenaufschlag”) of € 20 on the participation fee!

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