Unfortunately it mostly remains dead loss. Prohibition signs all over the place force us to become illegitimate or going abroad to pursue our hobby. Or to the motocross track. But there you are often overwhelmed as an endurist, because the hills are too high, the holes too deep and too many crossers are on the track. In order for you to give your studs the best of time, we have rented the natural track in Warching twice a year exclusively for a whole weekend. It lies on the edge of the Altmühltal valley, offers natural obstacles and has an almost Enduro character. There, divided into three groups per hour, you are ready to go. Here, not only the sporty orientated among us, but also the two-cylinder and beginners have their proper place. We also prepared a children’s course for the offspring.

“Practice makes perfect”: We offer our enduro training courses for all levels of performance. Driving, trying out, learning to master driving situations is best done with experienced instructors and on loose ground with an Enduro! In doing so, prejudices – “I never learn it!” – and partly also fears – “There i drop one hundred percent!” – are removed before you could say Jack Robinson.

The secret is simply to let yourself be free and to learn from your own mistakes, which everyone is doing. In our course, we start with warm-up and balancing exercises and increase according to the level of the group. It does not matter whether you already have Enduro experience, or have your first meters off the asphalt laying before you. The same applies to your wheels: Whether you are looking for a great sport bike or a great adventure bike, you will find the appropriate exercise group. During the course, we take the time to recognize your personal strengths and weaknesses and to vary the exercise program accordingly. At the beginning of the course you will be divided according to the self-assessment of a group, which usually consists of a maximum of ten participants. If you feel subdued or overwhelmed during the course of the training, there is of course the possibility to switch to another group.

By the way, the whole event offers a lot more besides the Enduro driving. The large tent pitch invites to the camping, in the evening there is camp fire, holiday mood and usually a big reunion. And also a highly palatable catering is ensured.