A truly hackneyed saying. He could also be from the official YAMAHA marketing speech. We have, however, more than extensively engaged with the supposedly small racers and have come to the conclusion that there is no alternative on the market to the YAMAHA WR 250 R – it is the ideal vehicle for our rental fleet.

The reasons already begin with the issue of legality. No other car manufacturer operates a comparable effort to upgrade a motorcycle of this displacement class with such complex measures as injection, ex-up control, secondary air system or even a flap control at the air filter box in order to get the performance of 31 hp homologated. In the end you stand in front of a bike, which is not only beautifully quiet and fast, but can also withstand any official control. We consider this point inevitable in a rental vehicle!

In terms of chassis, the WR 250 R can also keep up with the sports fraction. A 46-piece forks, front and rear 270 mm full spring travel and a ground clearance of 300 mm should definitely meet our events. With aluminum mainframe and the naturally now obligatory electric starter, you can reach a fully-loaded 134kg Enduro in just over 90 cm seat height and the fun can begin.

But now to the other facts: we rent you your YAMAHA WR 250 R on almost all our events with the following features:

  • Rental price Euro 105,00 per day
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with Euro 500,00 self-participation
  • Perfectly legal motorcycle according to road traffic licensing authority (StVZO)
  • Driver’s license A2-compatible (Führerscheinklasse 2)
  • Motorcycle is approved in Germany
  • Transfer directly at the venue
  • Very economical fuel consumption, about 3.5 – 4.5 l on 100 km
  • All vehicles equipped with stable handprotectors and motor protection
  • Complete navigation equipment with tripmaster, electric roadbook holder and remote control
  • Metzeler  with at least 80 % profile depth on takeover
  • Professional maintenance

You do not have an Enduro yet? You always wanted to try the off-road driving? The long and time-consuming arrivals are a horror, and you have to borrow a trailer every time? Then contact us and ask for availabilities!

Die YAMAHA WR 250 R in the print media:

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