You make holidays – We do the rest!

Our tours are suitable for anyone who drives a motorbike with offroad tires. Whether it is a small enduro or a big two-cylinder, our diversity of trails offers the right for everyone, and driving accordingly to a Roadbook offers you an individual and flexible arrangement of your trip.

Even in the terrain, we will not leave you alone, but are happy to support you in word and deed. And when it gets difficult, there is either a helping hand or we have a detour ready.

Eating and drinking keeps body and soul together. That is why we are looking forward to an inviting hotel after an eventful day and let indulge ourselves with a country-style dinner culinary in a chummy round. After all, we want to get to know the country and the people.

Interested, but do not want to sit the butt flat and smooth the studs on the long journey to the destination? No problem, we also offer motorcycle and passenger transport from southern Germany to the destination. Or you just take the plane.

And if you don’t have a motorbike, or a suitable motorbike, take a look at our rental fleet section. In order to find out the current availabilities and capacities, please contact us.

Questions? For example after a special date or a very individual tour? WE ARE HAPPY TO HELP!